Full disclosure: I’m a conservative. I started thinking about this project while in university, where I found that conservative ideas were either misunderstood or simply ignored. I wanted to describe the conservative “vision” – condensing ideas I’ve picked up over time, and using visuals to bring them to life.

The Graphic Guide to Conservatism:

  1. Free eBook

  2. 120 pages

  3. Three formats: read online, download PDF for printing or iPad, or order a bound copy

  4. Copyright free (you may use or modify it – just credit me)

Born and raised in Quebec, my two great passions have always been design and politics. I’ve since worked as a visual communications professional both in the political world and in the private sector. I obtained my master’s degree in Political Communication from the London School of Economics. 

If your organization would like to use visuals to get its message across – whether through graphic layouts or video clips – visit my site: www.olivierballou.com